My Les Mills Pump Workout Review

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Les Mills PumpOne of the reasons I have stayed away from lifting weights is because I do not want to bulk up.  However, I have always heard that strength training is a highly effective method for total body transformation.  Les Mills Pump is a strength training program designed to give you that long, lean body without the bulk. I decided to write up a review on this, please let me know what you think.

Workout Package Includes

Base Kit – $194.80

  • 7 Body Pump DVDs
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Barbell and Safety Clips
  • (2) 5 lb and 10 lb weighted plates
  • Workout Calendar
  • Tape Measure
  • Measurement Tracking Guide
  • Bonus Workouts

You can try this program for 30 days at $14.95 with free shipping. If you decide to keep the kit, you will be billed 3 monthly payments at $59.95.

Deluxe Upgrade – $140

  • Height Adjustable Step Platform (plus 4 risers)
  • 3 Additional Cardio Workouts
  • 2 Additional  5 lb Weight Plates

Fitness Approach

Les Mills Body Pump uses a unique technique called THE REP EFFECT designed to sculpt your abs, legs, shoulders, arms, and buttocks.  This concept changes how you operate the weights.  Instead of lifting heavy weights at low reps, which can bulk you up, THE REP EFFECT has you using lighter weights with higher reps.  This will get you leaner faster.   This intense technique increases your heart rate, muscle building, and fat and calorie burning (up to 1,000 calories per workout).

Exercise System

This workout program comes complete with a fitness guide, workout calendar, and nutrition plan, as well as online support.  This combination is critical for a successful weight loss and fitness program.

Workout DVDs

The Pump Basics DVD is 10 minutes long and will give you the information you need to ensure you get maximum benefits from the exercises.  You will learn how to assemble the barbell, adjust the weights, and how to properly grip and stand while doing the routines.  Here are the 7 core workouts:

  1. Pump Challenge (20 minutes) – This workout consists of fundamental resistance exercises.  Some of these exercises include squats, deadlifts, clean and presses, bent over rows, triceps presses, chest press, standing lunges, and shoulder flies/presses.  The workout is divided into phases, with each phase lasting approximately 3 minutes long.
  2. Pump and Burn (30 minutes) – This workout begins with a 5 minute warm-up with lighter weights.  The phases are longer in this routine.  You will perform the exercises in 5 minute segments.  Some of the exercises you will be doing include squats, back, chest, hamstrings, shoulders, and abs.
  3. Pump and Shred (45 minutes) – This workout is much longer than the others.  You will be performing squats, lunges, presses, rows, and abs.  There are various rep counts in this workout.  The moves will be down for 2 seconds, up for 2 seconds, then down for 4 seconds, up for 4 seconds followed by one second up and one second down.  Your muscles become lean and long during the 4 second count.
  4. Pump Revolution (55 minutes) – This is an even more challenging workout with 800+ reps!  It will significantly increase your heart rate resulting in high calorie/fat burning and lean muscle building.  Some exercises you will be doing include squats, chest, back and legs, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, and abs.
  5. Pump Extreme (55 minutes) – If you thought the others were challenging, you have not seen anything yet!  This is a brutal workout that will focus on intensity and specific muscle training.  These muscles include the chest, back, biceps/triceps, shoulders, hams, abs, and quads.
  6. Flow (20 minutes) – In this workout, you will lengthen and strengthen your body through Yoga poses.  Expect to increase your flexibility and improve your alignment while decreasing soreness.
  7. Hard Core Abs (20 minutes) – This routine does not require any equipment.  All you need is your body weight.  The moves are low impact to start off then gradually become more difficult.  The combination of moves in the first half works the entire abdominal section.  The routine in the second half consists of working your obliques.

Workout Calendar

Month One

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pump Challenge Rest Day Pump Challenge Flow + Walk 45 Min Pump Challenge Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min
Rest Day Pump & Burn Walk 30 Min Pump Challenge + Hard Core Abs Flow Pump & Burn Rest Day
Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Burn Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Burn Flow + Hard Core Abs Rest Day Pump & Burn
Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Burn Rest Day Pump & Burn Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Burn Flow
Pump & Burn Pump & Shred Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Burn Flow + Hard Core Abs Rest Day Pump & Shred

Month 2

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Shred Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Shred Flow + Hard Core Abs Walk 45 Min Pump & Shred
Rest Day Pump & Burn + Hard Core Abs Rest Day Pump Revolution Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Shred Flow + Hard Core Abs
Walk 60 Min Pump Extreme Hard Core Abs + Walk 45 Min Pump & Shred Rest Day Flow + Hard Core Abs Pump Extreme
Walk 45 Min Pump Revolution Rest Day Pump Extreme Flow + Hard Core Abs Rest Day Pump Revolution
Walk 60 Min Pump Extreme Flow Rest Day Pump Revolution Flow + Hard Core Abs Pump Extreme

Month 3

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pump Extreme Walk 60 Min Pump Revolution Walk 60 Min Rest Day Pump Extreme Flow
Walk 60 Min Pump Revolution Walk 60 Min Pump Extreme Flow Rest Day Pump Revolution
Walk 60 Min Pump Extreme Flow + Hard Core Abs Pump Revolution Rest Day Walk 60 Min Rest Day
Pump Extreme Congrats!90 Days Complete

Nutrition Guide

The Get Lean Nutrition Guide is a 3-phase diet plan designed to ignite your metabolism.  I wanted to share the basics of this plan with you because it is an important part of the process.  To some people, the foods in the plan are not an issue.  For me, it is everything.  I am a picky eater and if a workout plan requires me to eat only green leafy food, I won’t give it the time of day.

Days 1 to 7

The plan includes a Jump Start plan that you will do in the first seven days.  In the first 7 days, you are allowed 3 meals and 2 snacks totaling 1,200 calories per day.  If you weigh more than 170 pounds, you can add 100 to 200 calories per day.   There are menus provided making your life much easier.  Just know up front that you will no longer be eating processed foods, trans fats, refined carbs, or sugary drinks.  There goes my daily Pepsi!  I guess that is to be expected!  There is a “free foods” list available if you need extra nourishment throughout the day.

After First 7 Days

  • Phase 1 – Calculate caloric intake, which is approximately 10% of your body weight.  Do not go below 1,300 calories or above 2,000 calories regardless of the calculations.
  • Phase 2 – You will add 200 calories of protein per day.  There is a protein boosting modification included to each meal.
  • Phase 3 – In this phase, you get some options.  You can either repeat the 7-Day Jump Start plus Phase 1, repeat Phase 1 without the jump-start plan, or repeat Phase 2.  Simply select the one that provides the most energy and curbs your hunger the best.  It is important that you are getting enough food to prepare your body for the intense workouts.

Here are some foods you can expect to see:

  • grilled chicken breast fillet
  • lamb
  • grilled lean beef steak
  • baked fish fillet
  • grilled salmon fillet
  • boiled eggs
  • fruit
  • veggies
  • low-fat cheese
  • baked potato
  • salad

Now, that is what I was looking for – meat and cheese and even a baked potato!  I realize I will have to watch my portions, but at least the diet consists of real food.

Selecting Weights

You have to remember that this program is based on the REP EFFECT, which means you will be using lighter weights with higher reps.  Many people make the mistake of trying to use heavier weights.  If your goal is for a lean, long body then follow the plan.   Otherwise, you can expect to bulk up.

Deciding which weights to use will depend on your own personal fitness level and what group of muscles you are working.  If you are working on your big muscles, such as your back or legs, use the heavier weights.  If you are targeting your smaller muscles, such as your shoulders, use the lighter weights.

It is possible that you will eventually want to purchase additional 25 pound plates for certain areas like the back, chest, and squats.  This will make the workout more challenging if you choose to do the program again.

Never increase the weight until you have the form perfect.  Form is much more important for effectiveness than how heavy you can lift.  Before you increase the weight, make sure you can perfectly perform each move with the bar itself.  If your form becomes unbalanced, then it is not time to increase the weight.

Show Off your Results

Once you have completed the program, you can be rewarded for your efforts.  When you send in your “before and after” photos/videos, you will receive a free t-shirt.  It is a special t-shirt that cannot be purchased.  The only people who will receive these t-shirts are those who have earned them!  That’s not all.  You also get the chance to be featured in a Les Mills Pump infomercial.  Now, that is something that would interest me!
Just look at these results…..Before and After

Final Thoughts

Les Mills workouts have a history of being successful, and I believe this one is no different.  The trainers encourage you to keep moving, even if you feel you simply can’t take it any longer.  They motivate you to keep challenging yourself boosting your self confidence.

It is a high quality motivational complete workout system designed to provide results.  I think Les Mills Pump will be able to give you that total body transformation you always wanted.  In addition you can read this Les Mills Pump vs p90x vs chalean extreme to learn even more about this program and others. Don’t get me wrong.  It takes hard work and dedication, but if you are willing to take on a challenge then you can achieve goals for rapid weight loss and ultimate health.


  1. Beth January 30, 2013 2:47 pm  Reply

    Hi, I have bad knees, can I do this program? I’ve done other workouts like P90 and P90X but I was able to modify some of the routines. Can I modify some of the workouts with this program? THANKS!!

    • admin January 30, 2013 2:55 pm  Reply

      Beth, like any new exercise program, please first check with your Dr. Like P90X and other programs, Les Mills Pump also has modifications options as well. Let us know if you tried the program and post your results!

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